Aspie me


This page is to collect together and organise the posts that I’ve made since I realised that I have Asperger Syndrome in Autumn 2017. I’m currently on the NHS waiting list for formal diagnosis.

I’ve always known that I am different, not least because I have no interest whatsoever in things that most other people seem to love. To pick a top three, this would be football, beach holidays, and television.

At Christmas 2016, for reasons now forgotten, the penny dropped that Asperger Syndrome might explain my dad’s unique interests and behaviours. For the next 9 months or so I occasionally tried to encourage him to think more about it as it might have helped him understand himself better. He decided he’s fine as he is, which is understandable as he is 75.

In October 2017, I suffered a sudden withdrawal from work having had a busy and frustrating summer. During my sick leave, which at first seemed to be severe reactive depression, the penny dropped again; Asperger can be hereditary, and don’t I oh-so-loathe having to socialise in chaotically-noisy environments?

Here are the blog posts that tell the story.

When I thought it was ‘just’ depression

The penny drops

Mulling it all over

Onwards and Upwards!

The explainers

I’ve had feedback on occasion that some of my posts have helped people with Asperger explain to family and friends how they feel, and likewise have helped people without Asperger gain some insight into what it’s like from the inside. Here are those posts collected together from above.